Principal's Message

Greetings of Happiness and good Health!

Educational institutions play a decisive role in shaping the future of a society /country. In these institutions people are being formed or deformed. If only concern is about intellectual development, about cramming brains with facts, we will produce perfect robots, not human persons. We have highly educated terrorists, clever thieves, and smart deceivers in the world today. An education which does not deal with and develop moral attitudes and good values is not truly human. Recent research done on the attitudes and behavior of young people reveal a noticeable decline in their understanding of the need to respect others, to be responsible, compassionate, kind honest, self-discipline etc.

Today's young minds are far to influence by the highly materialistic events all around us. Basic human values which promote peace and harmony have become the scare commodity. Without them we lose our trust in one another. We become self-fish and uncaring. There are good values found in every culture and every religion. These are summed up in golden rule which is expressed in different ways. One way of expressing it is, Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you. However children are not born with these values. They need to learn and to be taught by parents and teachers. They need to read stories of great men and women of all ages. They need the example of adults living with them in school using reflective pedagogy student will grow mature in their values. They will discover the joy of being loved and being cared for, listened to, respected & valued. That will give them the confidence that they have something valuable to share.

St Thomas School believes not only in academic excellence but also in the all-round development of the students. Hence I sincerely feel that every student needs to be aware of the issues very pertinent to human life. I take this opportunity to impress upon you the degradation of our environment inflicted by the greed of humankind. Vehicular pollution, effluents and gases released by the industries and excessive use of plastic bags and bottles are the main culprits which cause serious damage to our environment. Protection of the environment is the need of the hour. I therefore appeal to all of you to minimize the use plastic bags. Public awareness is the key to tackle these environmental issues. The students need to play the catalyst role by influencing their families and there by the society to protect and keep it evergreen.

The school looks at students with great hope to maintain its standard of excellence in academics, sports and other activities am sure you would try hard to achieve this. But more than that, as responsible citizens of tomorrow, let us make every possible effort to make our society beautiful and keep our planet green and sustainable.

What we have done for ourselves dies with us; what we have done for others remains and is immortal. May the students whose minds that we have ignited through our education ministry be the torch bearer in the society equipped to build human communities of love, fellowship, freedom, justice, peace and harmony.

Sr. Gracy Monteiro,


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