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St. Thomas Kindergarten is one of the several catholic institutions of India. The Catholic Church has been running, as per the recent statistics, almost 20,000 educational institutions in India alone. "O God you are the beginning and the end of all that exists whether seen or unseen." A new beginning but continuation of journey and mission, a sign of hope and joy.

A plot of land was bought in a remote village called Indjagir, near a small town Nawabganj, by the Catholic Diocese of Bareilly in the year 1993. Rev. Fr. Mark Elias D'Souza was appointed the pioneer in charge of the place. For three years the land was cultivated. Gradually the need was felt to open an educational institute to provide quality education to the children of the locality, as there was no good school around. Thus the foundation stone of St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School building was blessed and laid on 21st January 1996 by Rt. Rev. Bishop Antoney Fernandis, the 1st Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bareilly. The construction work proceeded very fast. The school was ready with five class rooms; therefore it was inaugurated by the same Bishop mentioned above on 25th June 1996.

On 1st. July 1996 the School started its first academic year with Fr. Jerome Saldanha as its first Manager and Fr. Mark Elias as the Principal. In the first year students for K.G. to 1st were admitted. The second academic year began from 1st April 1997 with classes K.G. to 3rd standard. Slowly and steadily the humble beginning continued and there came a time to extend the school building. So the second portion of the school building was constructed and blessed in the year 2000. Time passes we grow with it, in the year 2008-2009 students of class X were the first batch to appear in the Board exam as students of St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School. Before this for four years our students used to appear as students of Bishop Conrad School, Bareilly.

Since the school is situated in Indjagir village away from Nawabganj a developing town, so the need was felt to open its branch in the town itself for the tiny-tots. The result is St.Thomas Kindergarten School inaugurated on 6th April 2010 at Adarsh Nagar, Nawabganj. With pride we acknowledge the steady progress of our school.

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